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There is this guy that wanted to start a farm, but being from New York City, known nothing about farming.

He moved to another country and bought a farm. One day he set out to find some animals. He was driving along the country road and saw a guy selling Hens. He stopped and asked the guy, "How much for the hens?" The guy selling the hens replies, "Well, these cost extra, they are not hens, these are called Pullits." The New Yorker agrees and pays the extra money. So he gets in his car with his Pullit and drives father down the road.

He then sees a guy selling roosters, He walks up to the guy and says, "How much for the Roosters?" The guy replies, "Well these aren't roosters these are cocks and they cost extra." Again the New Yorker agrees and pays the extra money for the cock. Feeling good about himself he gets into he car and continues to drive down the road.

Then he sees someone selling donkeys. He stops and asks, "How much for the donkey?" The person selling the donkey then replies, "Well, these donkey aren't just donkey they are called asses, they cost extra!" The New Yorker agrees and pays the extra money. Just as he was about to leave with his donkey the person that sold him it calls out, "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell ya, every thirty minutes you have to scratch it's head or it will get grumpy."

The new Yorker now was getting tired and got in his car with the animals he had just bought and decided it was time to drive the 45 miles home. After thirty minutes of driving he remembered what the Donkey seller told him. He saw some one walking on the side of the road a pulled over. Got out of the car and Said, "Can you hold my cock and pullit, while I scratch my ass?"

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